July 19, 2021  

ASMR Stretch your pleasure

Is it too soon? I have something I want to talk to you about. Lately I think you get tingles too oft ...View More

ASMR Dual Service Salon: haircut from two girls ✂️

Welcome to our salon! We offer two services, haircut and shaving. Today, you will receive a haircut, ...View More

ASMR 100 triggers from 100 characters ????

You've seen twins and even a trio or two, but today an entire town is here to tingle you to sleep. P ...View More

ASMR Safety not guaranteed ⚠

No barriers We want a pure experience without dulling the sensation. You can leave behind your seatb ...View More

ASMR Two girls trim your beard ???? ????Dual Service Salon

Welcome back to our salon! My blonde assistant gave you such a nice haircut, and now it's time for y ...View More

ASMR Area 51 Raid (gone wrong)

Breach detected Initiating containment procedure 00-TNGLZ. All officers report to brig in standard-i ...View More

ASMR 100 triggers from 100 characters (Long version)

Spend a little more time with the characters you liked the most in this extended version of “100 tri ...View More

ASMR Open your mouth and close your eyes, I'm gonna give you a big surprise ???? Dentist ASMR

Say, “Ahh.” Today is your regular ASMR dental appointment! We will check the health of your mouth an ...View More

ASMR Happy mics

Tonight, all of the focus is on your microphones! The fullness of your wishes is in my hands. We wil ...View More

ASMR I'm near, I'm real...

I want to be cozy tonight and for you to feel me near you. We don't have to do anything special, we  ...View More

ASMR Cleaning of extremely dirty ears ????

Can you hear me ok? It seems your ears are full of muffled so let me try to... There we go. Better?  ...View More

That ASMR tho

Hey! I missed you. Your triggers are back where they belong: with me! Let's make up lost time, shall ...View More

ASMR Colorful triggers ????

Bounce along the color wheel with a spectrum of color-coordinated triggers. After the storm comes a  ...View More

ASMR Don't try it because you'll love it too much ????

You clicked this video, even though I said not to! It was for your own good, you know. I think this  ...View More

ASMR Four is better than one: 4 microphones and a blonde???? ????????‍♀️???? ????

Hey everyone! Today is a pretty simple video. We'll sample some sounds like tapping, brushing, and w ...View More


Watch it right now! You can read this description later Become my patron and get access to special v ...View More

ASMR No one will stop us

Nobody else is here, don't worry! It's only you and me. I know you had a hard day, and maybe you're  ...View More

ASMR for relaxation

Hello, my sweet pickles! I'm so glad to see you here ❤️ I hope you will enjoy to see a video in a sl ...View More

Testing your fears ???????? Halloween ASMR ????

For those who celebrate it, Halloween is an opportunity to explore one's self. ‍♀️ But tonight, I wa ...View More

ASMR Whispering you ????

That ASMR tolerance break was long enough ⌛️ Lay on a cloud of comfort and take my personal attentio ...View More

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