August 08, 2021  

BLACKBOUGH SWIM BIKINI HAUL 2 - Trying on bikinis for bigger boobs (DD+)

Helloooo everyone! Thank you for watching this video! Pleased let be know if you enjoyed and keep yo ...View More

Midnight Snack Run at 8pm

Decided to film mine and Duckie's dessert trip last night mostly so I can get used to making more vi ...View More


WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME! * Instagram: Twitter: ...View More

Bali Vlog - RUBY MAY

Hey! I'm finally uploading another video! I say this every time but I really want to upload more, an ...View More

Vegan Dominoes Hungover Mukbang - RUBY MAY

Hi friends! So today's video is slightly different. We filmed this video months ago but I was dreadi ...View More

Making an amaretto sour.

Today I wanted to make an amaretto sour so I vlogged it. I hope you are all doing okay in the diffic ...View More


Hey friends! I hope you are doing well and enjoying my more regular uploads. Please always let me kn ...View More


Thanks so much for watching! I've been really trying to upload as much as possible and I'm enjoying  ...View More

Excited about my yoga mat

Hey again! As usual thanks so much for taking the time to watch my YouTube! I love making these vide ...View More

Fashion Nova Loungewear Haul & Update!

Hey! Just a quick haul and update! Hope you are all doing okay. Here are all the items I got! - Whit ...View More

Making mini vegan cheesecakes

Hey! Another random video amidst everything that is going on! I hope you are enjoying my more regula ...View More

Staying at home, eating & tiktoking – VLOG

Hey! Thank you so much for watching! I love making these little vlogs for you, but for some reason t ...View More

Seeing a Chiropractor for the first time! - VLOG

Hey guys! Hope you are doing well. I really hope you are enjoying these little random vlogs I've bee ...View More

Photoshoot with Avalon Hope - VLOG

Hey babes! I hope you enjoy this video of me living my life! I hope this gives you an insight into w ...View More

Swimming and spinning - VLOG

Just a random collection of videos from the past few weeks! Hope you enjoy seeing what I get up to d ...View More

Ruby May trying to dance like Ariana

This deserves to be on YouTube xx * WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME! * Instagram: ...View More

Sick day - Q&A and chat!

Hey guys! Sorry, I get less and less energy throughout this video but I wanted to get something out  ...View More


Hey friends!! Thanks for watching me try on old outfits, I had so much fun! As mentioned, I will be  ...View More

Photoshoot & how I take my photos! - VLOG

Hey loves! Hope you enjoyed this video! Sorry I was a bit whingey, wasn't feeling the best but still ...View More

VEGAN MUKBANG (being weird for 12 minutes straight)

Hey guys! I hope you love this video! These ones take me ages to edit which I adore doing but please ...View More

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