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Woman Hospitalized from a Fart

How Holding In Your Farts Will Give You Bad Breath Business Inquiries: ravrambles@gmail.com.

The Famous Lemon Life Hack Explained

The Famous Lemon Life Hack Explained Business Inquiries: ravrambles@gmail.com.

Commentating a Crazy Karen

Commentating a Crazy Karen, adding some classic commentary over a classic freak out, was was it a fa ...View More

Zopittybop-bop Journey from 1-60 | New World

Join one brave man on his journey to conquer the world. the New World which I believe is an open wor ...View More

The Real Story of Pog

The Full History of Pog #Pog #PogChamp #Rav Business Inquiries: ravrambles@gmail.com.

Ear Pulling Is Actually A Real Sport

Ear Pulling is Actually a Real Sport among tons of other unique and confusingly entertaining games t ...View More

A New Booty Slapping Champion Has Arrived

The Counterpart to the epic slap fight championships is the women's Booty Slap Championship Business ...View More

My First Rap As a Text To Speech (TTS) Rapping Artist "Run It"

"TTS Rav" on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4PXExfGtCl8BhdVvFHZ609?si=BIloHiH9QpCT1bRhl5yz ...View More

Chess Boxing - The Weirdest Combination of Sports

Play chess then get up and punch your opponent, Lets cover some chess boxing why don't we. Credit to ...View More

The Day You Discovered Happy Wheels... | Happy Wheels #001

So this was hilarious. Is everyone's first experience on Happy Wheels the same before you get desens ...View More

The Weirdest Competition on The Planet - Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing is apparently a competitive sport that has many people training and watching. Huh? B ...View More

Professional Pillow Fighting is Savage!

Professional Pillow Fighting is Absolutely Savage WTF! If you want to see the full video as well as  ...View More

A New Wife Carrying Champ has Been Crowned

Don't Mess with these couples that train year round for Wife Carrying Business Inquiries: ravrambles ...View More

Minecraft Noob Reacts To World Record Speedrun

A full break down commentary of the World Record Minecraft Speed Run by someone who has never played ...View More

The Most Insane Rock Paper Scissor Tournament Ever

This is Hands down the most ridiculous rock paper scissors tournament I have ever seen. Its called J ...View More

The Wildest Kiss Cam Ever #Shorts

The wildest Kiss Cam Ever #Shorts Business Inquiries: ravrambles@gmail.com.

Never Give Up...

Never Give Up... Business Inquiries: ravrambles@gmail.com.

Robot Reacts To The Tournament of Toilets

Robot Reacts To The Tournament of Toilets Mario sounding song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkCVc ...View More

Women's Slapping Championship Ends In a Makeout

Women's Slapping Championship Ends In a Makeout | Slapping Faces and Then Sucking them Credit to Ori ...View More

Sir, Does This Naughty Item Belong to Your Daughter?

Does This Belong to Your Daughter or Your Wife? Original Cut Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4 ...View More

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